888 Ladies: Bing-Gooo or Bing-Nooo?

888 Ladies Welcome Bonus

Current Sign-up Bonus 

400% Welcome Bonus Bundle 3 Days Exclusive Access to The New Girl Bingo Room [Last Checked 14/07/2022]


Deposit £10 (or more) and get £50 Bonus money to play Bingo and Slots (max £100 per bonus).

Bonus money is split 50/50 – 200% bingo bonus (£25) + 200% games bonus (£25).

The £888 Newbies Room is exclusive to new players only. All winnings from the £888 Newbies Room will be added to your ‘Bingo Bonus Money’, not your ‘Real Money’ section. Only available for the first three days after registration.

Note: The 888 Ladies sign-up bonus is not allocated automatically - you need to actively claim it.


How To Claim Bonus

To claim their bonus you need to first go to the ‘My Zone’ section in the 888 Ladies lobby to activate the one-time sign-up offer. 

You have 7 days from your first deposit date to claim your 888 Ladies sign-up reward or this one-time offer will expire.  

888 Ladies Welcome Bonus
The 888 Ladies welcome bonus needs to be claimed to activate it. Go to ‘My Zone’ then ‘Prizes’.

Welcome Bonus Requirements

New players only £10 min. deposit Only valid once  Max £100 per bonus Bonus wins are capped at £100 (excl. Joy Point wins) To withdraw bingo bonus money, you must wager 2x the deposit amount + bonus funds. To withdraw games bonus money, you must wager 50x the amount of the games bonus money.

Further T&Cs Apply



Other 888 Ladies Bonuses

Daily Specials (Perks)

If you thought new sign-ups had all the fun, you’d be wrong. Each day 888 Ladies offer a ‘Daily Perk’ (bonus) which can be viewed and claimed via the ‘My Zone’ section in ‘My Lobby’. These bonuses range from deposit bonuses to free spins on slot games and free Bingo tickets.  

Daily Perk Examples (subject to change):

Monday: £2 Bingo Bonus After Playing Bingo Twice in Any Bingo Room Tuesday: 1000 Loyalty Points When Playing Bingo Between 20:00 and 20:59 Wednesday: £2 Games Bonus After Winning 30x in Any Slot Game  Thursday: 7 Free Spins on ‘Irish Luck’ After Wagering £50 (Real Money) on ‘Rainbow Riches’ Slingo Game Friday: 20 Bingo Tickets to ‘Nutty Ninety’ After Playing £10 (Real Money) in Any Bingo Room Saturday: 10 Jackpot Spins on ‘Treasure Fair JP’ After You Spin 50x on Selected JPs Sunday: 5 Free Spins on ‘Fluffy Favourites’ After 100x Spins on Any Slots Game

Offers are only valid until 1159pm that day and must be actively claimed to benefit from the relevant 888 Ladies bonus of the day. 

Of course, nothing beats the original 400% sign-up bonus, but it’s nice that once you sign-up to 888 Ladies, you’re not forgotten about. 


Deposit Bonuses & Promo Codes

Lady Luck:

Each time you deposit £10 or more, enter the code LUCK for a chance to win a prize. Spin the Lady Luck wheel to win either a % bonus, free spins or free bingo tickets.

Rewards are based on how much real money you deposit. Here’s a breakdown of the ‘Lady Luck’ deposit reward amounts. 

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£10-£19 £20-£29 £30-£49 £50+ 55% Bonus, 55 Free Spins or, 55 Bingo Tickets 77% Bonus, 77 Free Spins or, 77 Bingo Tickets 88% Bonus, 88 Free Spins or, 88 Bingo Tickets 99% Bonus, 99 Free Spins or, 99 Bingo Tickets Daily Pickmeup:

Log into 888 Ladies every day for 7 days straight and get 5 free spins each day on the Fluffy Favourites slot game. That’s a whopping 35 spins in total! All you need to do to be eligible for this deposit bonus is to make a one-off deposit of £20 or more.

Daily Cashback & Rewards

Down on your luck? Dry your eyes! Even a loss can get you some dosh on 888 Ladies. Simply play any Bingo or Slots game with real money, and claim back up to 3% of your losses the next day by going to ‘My Zone’.

Note: You must lose at least £5 (real money) the previous day to be eligible for cashback. The maximum you can claim back is £100. All cashback must be claimed the following day - it can't be accumulated over multiple days.

Feeling left out? At 888 Ladies, winners also get rewarded. All you need to do to benefit is play real money on any slot game (excl. casino games) and win! Each win counts towards your Anytime Me Time, Daytime Diva, and, Nighttime Queen targets. That’s three chances at an extra reward. Reach your targets and in return, you unlock a special game that grants you the chance to get some free spins.

Rewarding Wins Free Spins
The amount of free spins you’re rewarded is determined by the size of your winnings

Daytime Diva & Nighttime Queen Targets:

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Winnings £0-£19.99 £20-£39.99 £40-£99.99 £100-£699.99 £700-£999.99 £1000-£4999.99 £5000+ Free Spins 2 3 4 5 6 10 30

Anytime Me Time Target:

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.tg .tg-0lax{text-align:left;vertical-align:top}

Winnings £0-£29.99 £30-£59.99 £60-£149.99 £150-£1049.99 £1050-£1499.99 £1500-£7499.99 £7500+ Free Spins 1 1 2 2 3 5 15

Chat Games & Loyalty Points 

Chat games are another way to boost your Bingo bonus balance. Chat games happen at random each hour in both the ‘Ladies Chat’ and ‘Chatter’ rooms. There must be at least 5 active players in the chat room for a host to start a game (so be active and get talking). A player can only win once per hour (in the interest of fairness). Games seem to happen on rotation and are different depending on which chat room you’re in.  Spelling counts, so make sure you get it right first time or your competitors could swoop in and steal it.

Tip: sometimes questions (i.e. trivia, karaoke & hangman) are repeated so take note of the answers for next time.

Current Chat Games:

Double It: Chat Host gives you a number, you must double it. Karaoke: Chat Host gives you a song title, you must name the artist. Word Jumble: Unscramble the anagram. Math Quiz: Be the first to correctly answer the maths problem (e.g. 36 + 136 = ?). Pub Trivia: Correctly answer the trivia question (e.g. Which colours appear on the French flag). Lucky Number: Chat Host will give you a number range (e.g. 30-45), first to guess the Chat Host’s number wins. Limited to 2 x guesses per player. Hangman: Fill the blanks and finish the incomplete word. iSpy: Chat Host gives you a category and a clue, you must guess. the word (e.g. Q: “eye spy something beginning with C – Coloured Wax used for drawing or writing” | A: “Crayon”). The Letter Game: Chat Host gives you a number (1-26), you must provide a word that starts with the corresponding letter in the alphabet (e.g. Q: 2 | A: B Butter). Note: you must answer with the letter followed by the answer.  Wacky Wednesday: Whenever the Chat Host posts “It’s Wednesday”, the 1st and 2nd player to type WACKY in chat win points. Saucy Saturday: Whenever the Chat Host posts “Happy Saturday”, the 1st and 2nd player to type SAUCY in chat win points.

If you’re the first to answer correctly (and haven’t won in the past hour) you’re gifted ‘Loyalty Points’. Typically you’re awarded between 250-500pts per correct answer. You can later exchange these loyalty points for bonus money via the ‘Banking’ section at the top of the lobby page. 1000 Loyalty Points = £1.


888 Ladies Loyalty Points
Redeemable cash amount of bags changes depending on how many loyalty points you have.

Another way to redeem your points is to log in and go to the 888 Ladies homepage. From there you can find out more about what Loyalty Points are, how to redeem your 888 Ladies loyalty points and check on your Loyalty Point transaction history.

Redeeming 888 Ladies Loyalty Points
Loyalty Points are awarded with every 10p wagered or by purchasing bingo cards, playing on IG and from winning chat games.

Current Chat Hosts (CH): Bon, Linda, Cupcake, Calibre, Vian, Kristel, Aron, Mixie, Angelito, Storm, Mugler, IvyRose, Momma


Daily Bingo Jackpots

Every day there are several 888 Ladies Daily Jackpots to choose from. One of the daily jackpots is day specific and happens at either 21:00, 21:30 or 22:00 (weekends). 

Monday Jackpots

Monday Makeover | Game: 5 Line | Jackpot Amount: £600 (Fixed) / 1L: £120| Ticket Price: 5p | Time: 21:30

Tuesday Jackpots

Turned Up Tuesday | Game: 90 Ball Jackpot Amount: £1500 (Fixed) / Full House: £750 / 1 Line: £250 | Ticket Price: 25p | Time: 21:00

Wednesday Jackpots

Wicked Wednesday | Game: 75 Ball | Jackpot Amount: £500 (Fixed) / Full House: £250 / 2 Lines: £500 / 1 Line: £250| Ticket Price: 50p | Time: 21:00

Thursday Jackpots

Totally Thursday | Game: 75 Ball | Jackpot Amount: £1000 (Fixed) | Ticket Price: 25p | Time: 21:30

Sunday Jackpots

Sassy Sunday | Game: 75 Ball | Jackpot Amount: £250 | Ticket Price: FREE | Time: 22:00

Other Jackpots

Mystery Jackpot | Game: 75 Ball | Jackpot Amount: £10 – £500 (MAX) | Ticket Price: 5p (AM) / 10p (PM) | Time: 9:00 – 13:00 & 16:00 – 23:00 (Daily)

Note: The 'Mystery Jackpot' amount is randomly selected and only announced 10 seconds before the game is about to begin. Once the prize fund is revealed, no further tickets can be purchased.


The Joy Network & VIP Joy Gem Rewards

For those who play Bingo regularly, you’ll be happy to learn that 888 Ladies is part of the Joy Network. What is the Joy Network? Well, it’s a group (or network) of fellow Bingo websites such as Wink Bingo, Posh Bingo, Tasty Bingo and various other Bingo sites owned by the 888 Group. VIP members benefit from a plethora of Joy Gem rewards and prizes as well as gaining access to specific Joy Gem bingo rooms on the 888 Ladies website.

The Joy Gem VIP Club is broken up into categories; Sapphire, Ruby, Diamond and Black Diamond. Each offers different benefits and are awarded based on “a player’s level of investment and dedication to the game”.

888 Ladies Welcome Bonus History


Nov 2019 – Present:

400% Welcome Bonus (up to £100 exc. JP Win) on first £10 deposit (Split: 200% Bingo Bonus & 200% Games Bonus)  3 Days Exclusive Access to The New Girl Bingo Room (formerly £888 Newbies)


Sep 2018 – Nov 2019:

300% Welcome Bonus (up to £100 exc. JP Win) on first £10 deposit (Split: 150% Bingo & 150% Slots)  3 Days Exclusive Access to the £888 Newbies Bingo Room

Jul 2018 – Aug 2018:

300% Welcome Bonus (up to £100 exc. JP Win) on first £10 deposit (Split: 150% Bingo & 150% Slots)  1 x Prize Draw Ticket (£1,000 gift card per draw) 3 Days Exclusive Access to the £888 Newbies Bingo Room

Feb 2018 – Jul 2018:

300% Welcome Bonus (up to £100 exc. JP Win) on first £10 deposit (Split: 150% Bingo & 150% Slots)  3 Days Exclusive Access to the £888 Newbies Bingo Room

Feb 2017 – Feb 2018:

300% Welcome Bonus (up to £100) on first £10 deposit (Split: 150% Bingo & 150% Slots)  3 Days Exclusive Access to the £888 Newbies Bingo Room

Jun 2016 – Feb 2017:

500% Welcome Bonus (up to £500) on first £5-£100 deposit (Split: 250% Bingo & 250% Slots)  3 Days Exclusive Access to the £888 Newbies Bingo Room

October 2015 – Jun 2016:

500% Welcome Bonus (up to £500) on first £5-£100 deposit 3 Days Exclusive Access to the £888 Newbies Bingo Room

Nov 2014 – October 2015:

400% Welcome Bonus (up to £400) on first £5-£100 deposit (Bingo Only) 3 Days Exclusive Access to the £888 Newbies Bingo Room

Dec 2013 – Nov 2014:

250% Welcome Bonus (up to £250) on first £5-£100 deposit 50% Redeposit Bonus 3 Days Exclusive Access to the £888 Newbies Bingo Room

 April 2011 – Dec 2013:

200% Welcome Bonus (up to £150) on first £10 deposit £5 Free Registration Bonus (no deposit required) 50% Redeposit Bonus

April 2009 – April 2011: 

150% Welcome Bonus (up to £150) on first £10 deposit £5 Free Registration Bonus (no deposit required) 50% Redeposit Bonus

Jan 2009 – April 2009:

£10 Free Registration Bonus (no deposit required) 150% Welcome Bonus (up to £150) on first £10 deposit 50% Redeposit Bonus

Feb 2008 – Jan 2009:

Successfully register a credit/debit card to get a free £10 150% Welcome Bonus (up to £150) on first £10 deposit

888 Ladies Online Bingo Review

Remember 2008? It was a different time back then. Gordon Brown occupied Number 10, the ‘Great Recession’ was in full swing, sexy vampires were all the rage and Sex and the City (the film) hit theatres. It was also the year that 888 Holdings UK launched online Bingo site 888 Ladies, and when the most memorable (IMO) Bingo advert aired on TV screens across the nation.

Vic Reeves dresses as 888 Lady for 888 Ladies Bingo advert (Feb 2008)

Okay, so it’s not the most politically correct advert (or even the best) but for some reason it stuck. Was it the sight of Vic Reeves’ hairy pins in ripped pink nylons? Or was it because it was SO bad, that it was actually good? I have no idea. In fact I vaguely remember not really liking it at all at the time. But it worked (albeit 11 years later). I’ve signed up, deposited real money and cashed in my 888 Ladies sign-up bonus. Now (two weeks on), I’m trying my very best to review it… all whilst sipping on (only the finest) boxed wine and listening to a bit of yé-yé pop to get in the mood. Oh yes, this review is going to be a hot mess.

So ladies and gentlemen, pour yourself a glass and pop on your slippers whilst I dissect one of Briton’s favourite online Bingo brands – 888 Ladies.


The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Pink! That’s the first word that comes to mind when asked to describe the 888 Ladies Bingo website. 888 definitely have a certain demographic in mind (the clue’s in the name) and who can blame them when 75% of online Bingo players in the UK are apparently women. And whilst pink isn’t quite my colour of choice (I’m female by the way – hello), it’s no secret that pink is the go-to when you think female (even in 2019).

At first glance, the design looks fairly clean and the layout is easy to navigate. Certainly more-to-the-point and less cluttered than earlier versions of the 888 Ladies website. There are nine tabs at the top of the page which are there to provide further information, some of which have been broken up into further topics via a drop-down menu. Overall I’d say that the 888 Ladies menu seems quite well thought out and helps you find the information you need with ease – for everything else you can just scroll to the bottom.

The sign-up bonus banner with a large but not too obtuse call to action (a lime green ‘Join Now’ button) is the first thing that caught my eye. It’s located right in the middle of the homepage in case you missed the smaller one at the top of the page.

888 Ladies Home
Since writing this review, the 888 Ladies bonus has gone up to 400%.

Just below that are some 1-2-3 step style instructions on how to proceed followed by all the legal stuff. There’s also a random link to one of 888 Ladies sister site’s – Wink Slots (launched in 2016). I’m not really sure why it is there (one can only speculate), but it seems a little out of place given that 888 Ladies also does slots. Perhaps it’s just 888 Holdings stab at some old hat SEO for one of their newer ventures (888 owns Wink too), or maybe it’s because Wink Bingo (acquired by 888 Holdings in 2009) is one of 888 Holdings more successful Bingo sites. Again, it’s a mystery and one only 888 can answer.

888 Ladies Login
Once logged into 888 Ladies, the home page transforms into the members area.

Once logged in (after registering of course) the homepage changes slightly. It’s still scattered with various calls to action, but other than the odd ‘Play Now’ it’s mainly for game-specific promos, daily specials and those all-important 888 Ladies deposit perks. Basically anything and everything to get you to play Bingo (or slots if that’s your thing). The same tabs are still at the top of the page, but they are now joined by a plethora of new admin tabs, links and buttons such as ‘My Zone’, ‘Log Out’ ‘My Account’ and so on.

There’s a handy section towards the bottom of the page which is designed to help keep you and your account organised for the week.

888 Ladies My Calendar

There are four tabs to choose from:

1. My Calendar

A little like a day planner, there’s a tab for each day of the week. It lays out the Time (when it starts), Room (Bingo game name), Type (75, 90 or 5 Ball), Jackpot (prize amount) and Price (cost per ticket). It defaults to the day of the week you’re on but you can click on any day to help plan your week.

2. My Account

Provides a breakdown of your total balance, real money balance, bingo bonus money and games bonus money. There are also further shortcuts to manage your personal details, view your transactions (deposits and wins) and games history as well as keep an eye on your bonus progress (how much you have left to wager) and check on your vouchers (past and present).

3. Loyalty Points

Displays your loyalty point balance. This is also one of the places where you can redeem your points in exchange for bonus money (1,000pts = £1/€1).

4. Banking

A selection of banking shortcuts where you can deposit money, view your banking info and withdraw funds etc.

I especially like the ‘My Calendar’ section as it helps let me know the best jackpots of the day. Or, if I’m feeling particularly organised, I can look at a specific day to plan in advance. The other tabs are useful but the shortcuts are repetitive – it’s all stuff you can access elsewhere on the site. It’s handy having it all in one place though I suppose.

Of course before you can access any of these goodies from the 888 Ladies members area, you need to sign-up!


Signing Up For 888 Ladies Bingo

Registering with 888 Ladies is really simple. There’s a four-step process, which includes information you should easily have to hand.

Step 1: Name, Country, Email Address, Date of Birth and Gender (you must also accept the T&Cs)
Step 2: Home Address, Bankroll Currency (EUR, GBP, CAD or USD) and Occupation
Step 3: Phone Number, ‘Nickname’, Password (1 lowercase & 1 uppercase letter, 1 number and Promo Code (if you have one)
Step 4: Click Finish and Deposit Money

Unlike some websites, you do not need to provide proof of identity or address such as utility bills, passports or ID cards. I’m guessing this is because you don’t have to be a UK resident to sign up to the 888 Ladies website. Make of it what you will, but for me, I found the whole process hassle-free thanks to this.

Note: If you're a UK resident living outside of the UK (like myself) and are thinking of inputting a UK address, think again! The website knows your IP address and will not give you the option to select the UK or GBP during sign-up. You can only select the approved currency of the country you live in.



Depositing Money

Depositing money is also quite straightforward. You simply enter your preferred payment method plus the amount of cash you want to deposit (duh) et voila, you have money in your account. Before you deposit money however, you may want to check if there are any relevant daily perks. On certain days there are deposit bonuses for all 888 Ladies players (not just newbies). They are valid for just that day because as the name suggests it’s a daily perk.

Of course, withdrawing money is a little trickier and certainly not as fast. I haven’t gone through the withdrawal process yet (I haven’t met the wagering requirements), but I’ve heard more than a few grumbles over the interwebs from fellow 888 Ladies members to know it takes time.


Getting Started: 888 Ladies Tutorial

Once you’re registered with 888 Ladies, it’s almost time to play Bingo – but not just yet. The first time you click ‘My Zone’, 888 Ladies have prepared a tutorial to help familiarise yourself with your surroundings. This can be skipped if you like, but it might be worth doing if this is your first time playing Bingo online or, if you’re perhaps not the best versed in how these sites work.


888 Ladies Welcome Bonus

Perhaps one thing that isn’t quite seamless is activating your sign-up bonus which isn’t awarded automatically like you’d expect. It’s easy enough to claim, but it’s an extra step I didn’t quite anticipate and you must do it within seven days or else it’s lost.

To activate your bonus you need to first make a deposit – this is usually done during registration. The current 888 Ladies minimum deposit is £10 (it has been as little as £5 before) to qualify for the welcome bonus, as well as be a new sign-up (it’s a one-time deal I’m afraid).

888 Ladies has a rather generous sign-up bonus. I deposited 15EUR and received 50EUR in bonus money. This bonus money is split between two different types of bonuses – Bingo Bonus (for Bingo) and Games Bonus (for slots). You can add to your bonus money later by playing some of the free games or taking advantage of the daily perks in ‘My Zone’.


£888 Newbies Room

However, I’d say the three days of free Bingo in the £888 Newbies room is where 888 Ladies stands out from other Bingo sites. Nothing is a sure win of course, but the odds are largely stacked in your favour. For one, there’s a lot less people in the £888 Newbies Room – strictly new sign-ups only.

When playing in the £888 Newbies Room, I’d say there were around 40-50 people in the room on average – no more than 60 players at peak Bingo time and sometimes less than 30. Compare that to the 300 odd people playing the Freebie Room, and you’ll come to appreciate the perks of the £888 Newbie room. It’s open 7am-10pm and takes place every 10 minutes, so gameplay is fairly regular. You have a choice of buying 2, 4 or 6 tickets (as it’s free, I’m not sure why anyone would buy less than the max) which you can buy in advance and play other games whilst you wait.

The rewards are also quite good compared to the other free Bingo games on the 888 Ladies site, especially given the frequency of new games. You have a chance of winning £1, £2 or even £5 depending on the game (the jackpots rotate). As this is a 75 Ball Bingo room you only have one chance at winning and if there’s more than one winner, you have to share the jackpot. That said, I think 75 Ball is a good introduction for people who are new to online Bingo. And even though this is a room for newbies you still have access to the two chatrooms – including the chat games.


888 Ladies Community

Other than the sign-up bonus, one area where 888 Ladies excels in is the social interaction (on the site at least). There are two chat rooms to choose from (Ladies Chat & Chatter) with approximately nine hosts in all. There’s only ever two chat host at one time (one for each room) and they work in shifts. As soon as you enter a room there’s a generic (albeit personalised) message from the current chat host along with some of the basic chat rules. This intro also comes up when a new chat host starts their shift. I’d say that of the two chat rooms, ‘Ladies Chat’ was busier than the ‘Chatter’ room but I like to mix it up from time to time depending on the chat hosts and room activity.

888 Ladies Chat
888 Ladies chat games are a great way to interact and get some free Bingo bonus money.

Whilst their aim is to ultimately get you to play more Bingo through encouraging words, questions and comments, the chat hosts seem sincere enough. I’m not sure if they have a really good memory or they merely keep notes (maybe access to chat logs), but somehow they remember that random story you told the other day. There’s a good mix of regulars in the chat that seem to have a good rapport with each other and the chat hosts, often sharing personal anecdotes and their plans for the day. Topics ranged from kids and housework to weight loss (temptations) and how they would spend their winnings.

Okay, so the topics weren’t particularly relatable to me (I have no kids, nor am I dieting) but again, they know their audience and people seemed engaged. The chat was always moving (day and night) although conversation did generally lag mid-afternoon – presumably during the school run.

On top of keeping the chat flowing, the chat hosts are there to moderate the chat and ensure rules are adhered to. There was only one instance of someone breaking the rules (that I recall). They were swiftly given a warning (or two) before being removed for not complying. A bit harsh? Perhaps. Clearly the person in question was frustrated at their lack of luck that day, but I get why 888 Ladies did it. This person was starting to get a little disruptive and were using some… I guess, non-PG words which some may find offensive. I really do feel for the chat hosts though, as they are the ones on the frontlines when the site crashes or something goes wrong – which it did and often.

Personally the only thing I found a little offensive was the use of all caps by the chat hosts. It’s actually against the chat rules to use all caps ourselves (all caps is the equivalent to shouting FYI), but all the chat hosts do it. I assume this is so that their words are more visible. However, having grown-up using chat rooms and forums it just feels like bad etiquette. It also feels a little unnecessary. Not only are the chat hosts comments displayed in a bright pink bubble, there is an icon in front of their screen name which also displays #CH before it (e.g. #CH Aron). I get it 888 Ladies – we’re not all boomers – stop patronising us!


Chat Games

If you’re more of a lurker (like me) 888 Ladies has cleverly devised a way to get you to contribute to the chat – chat games. There needs to be at least five active players for chat hosts to start a chat game and you can only win once per hour (gives everyone a chance). Games range from trivia and arithmetic to anagrams and simple guessing games. All the games are easy enough – you just have to be first. If you play Bingo on 888 Ladies regularly, you’ll notice some of the same questions come up again. So it almost comes more down to memory than actual knowledge after a while.

Not only do these games help pass the time but you can win loyalty points (250-500pts). These loyalty points can later be exchanged for Bingo bonus money. So in all, I’d say it’s worth doing… even for the less social of us. You can always simply click one of the pre-set messages or emoji’s if you’re really struggling with something to say – it counts.


Social Media Presence

Sadly 888 Ladies falls more than a little short when it comes to their social media efforts. Not only was their last tweet back in March 2019 (after a short two-year break) their Facebook is non-existent – despite them still linking to it on their site. Their Youtube channel doesn’t fare much better with their last video being posted 4 years ago. It’s the same for the 888 Group’s other Bingo sites such as Posh, Red Bus and even Wink Bingo. Compare that to Tombola, JackpotJoy and other 888 competitors who post daily (sometimes multiple times a day) it is a little well, pathetic.

888 Ladies Facebook
Despite still linking to it, the 888 Ladies Facebook page no longer exists.

And whilst I rarely follow brands online, it’s comforting to know that if something goes wrong I can quickly get an answer without pestering the chat hosts. Sure 888 Ladies has a helpline, email address and online chat, but that isn’t much help if the site is down. It also doesn’t make them publically accountable in the same way that posting on social media does.

888 Ladies Twitter
888 Ladies last Tweet was in March. Before that, they hadn’t tweeted since October 2017.

I guess what really counts though is the Bingo. That’s why you sign-up to a Bingo site after all.


Bingo Games

888 Ladies has a reasonable range of bingo games on their site (32 at last count). The majority of rooms are either 75-Ball or 90-Ball, but there are a few 5-Line and 52-Ball options to choose from too. Sorry ladies and gentlemen – no 80-Ball or 30-Ball games yet! But there are a few special bingo games that caught my eye. Bingo Roulette, for example, is probably one of 888 Ladies most unique bingo rooms – a 52-Ball bingo game that cleverly blends bingo and roulette. Perfect for the indecisive gambler who loves to mix and match their online casino games. The only other bingo game that matches it for uniqueness is Flash Fives – a 52-5 Ball game that uses playing cards instead of numbered bingo balls. Both of these games can be found in the ‘Specials’ section, cost 5p a card and have a minimum guaranteed jackpot. Yes, they’re a both quite gimmicky, but they’re also great little visual games that change up the classic bingo format.

Whatever your gaming preferences, there’s certainly enough choice to keep you busy. This includes some VIP and loyalty games for players that have stuck around (6m+, 2y+ and so on). There’s even a selection of free bingo games (e.g. Freebie Fun) where you can win additional bonus money and get rewarded for depositing money. However, there aren’t as many exclusive or themed bingo rooms as I would have expected.

That said, there’s something nice about the simplicity of the bingo section. Everything is neatly organised, with each room displaying the key information needed for optimum game selection. This includes details such as the price per ticket, number of players, jackpot amount, game type and a helpful countdown until the next bingo round is about to begin. All this data can be viewed without having to enter the room, which saves a lot of time when choosing the best bingo game that day.


Slots Games

The same can’t be said for the slots section though. Don’t get me wrong. It’s nice that 888 Ladies has such a large selection of online slots to choose from. But with over 800 slots and casino games available (that’s a massive 102 pages to flip through), the choice can be a little overwhelming. Instants, classic reels, megaways, multipliers, progressive slots – take your pick! There’s a variety of new slot games added daily. For the frugal and eagle-eyed, you can even get some free spins courtesy of 888 Ladies and their daily perks.

Of course there’s some curation at play (in the form of structured tabs), but key information like bet size (cost per spin), jackpot and details on how to play is only available once you load up the game. This is something that can take a while (depending on the developer and software) if at all.

There are 11 tabs in the slots section; Favorites, Chosen For You, Trending Slots, New, Daily Jackpots, Megaways, Instants, Jackpots, Casino, All Games and All. Some are in all caps, and some aren’t. I’m not sure if that has any relevance or if this is just another example of 888 Ladies using inconsistent formatting (who knows). Personally, I think 888 Ladies could do with removing some unnecessary tabs that seem repetitive (e.g. Jackpots, All Games & All). Either way, the tabs do assist in the game selection process to some degree. Once you’ve tried and tested all that 888 Ladies has to offer, you can favourite the slot games you like best by clicking the star for quick access via the ‘Favorites’ tab. It’s a handy feature that cuts down on time.


Casino Games

In addition to slots, there are a few casino games (e.g. poker). There used to be much more choice when I first signed-up to 888 Ladies back in 2019. However, games such as Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette seem to have disappeared. Perhaps 888 are in the process of streamlining their tabs by removing any broken and outdated games that require Flash Player to work (I came across a few). The only game provider currently in the casino section is Section8studio. So it’s possible 888 Ladies may be in the process of signing new contracts with other providers. It’s a good sign. After all, when you’ve been around since 2008, it’s important to have a spring clean to keep things fresh. Let’s just hope they take a look at the rest of their site which is in dire need of a content cull and update.


888 Ladies Review – Part 3 Coming Soon!

Some Serious Bingo Analysis Coming Soon…

Website Details

Launch Date: February 2008

First Online (Domain Age): 25th July, 2007

Domain Expiration: 25th July, 2024

Software Providers: Electracade, Merkur Gaming, Cryptologic, Blueprint Gaming, Dragonfish, IGT, 888 Holdings, GameOS, Random Logic, Edict

Total Bingo Rooms: 26 (Plus 2 Exclusive Joy Gem Bingo Rooms)

888 Ladies Bingo App

Platform(s): Available on iOS from the Apple Store

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Gaming Details

Bingo Games: 90 Ball, 75 Ball, 52 Ball, 5-Line

Bingo Rooms: 

90 Ball Bingo

Nutty Ninety | 1p Pocket Change | 5p Fit & Flare | 5p Sweet Stack Up | 5p Turned Up Tuesday | 25p Great £1000 Weekly | FREE Outstanding 1s | FREE A Perfect 10 | FREE £1K Get it Girl | FREE Free Weekly Gems | Joy Gem VIP | FREE

75 Ball Bingo

Mystery 75 | 1p Ladies First | 1p Fab Fifty | 1p Tick Tock! | 5p Mystery Jackpot | 10p Let Your Hair Down | 10p Totally Thursday | 25p Wicked Wednesday | 50p The LTR (Long Term Relationship) 6M+ | FREE The LTR (Long Term Relationship) 2Y+ | FREE The New Girl | FREE Sassy Sunday | FREE £250 Free Daily Gems | Joy Gem VIP | FREE

52 Ball Bingo

Bingo Roulette | 5p Bingo Deal (Flash Fives) | 5p

5-Line Bingo

Monday Makeover | 5p Lucky 5 | 5p Launch Party | 20p

Slot Games:

Other Games:

888 Ladies: Bing-Gooo or Bing-Nooo?
If you're looking for a Bingo site with a generous sign-up bonus and active chat, then 888 Ladies might be for you. It's not perfect by any means (there's definitely some site performance issues), but there is a certain simplicity to it that is appealing. Perhaps if the 888 Group stopped collecting themed Bingo sites like Pokémon, 888 Ladies could be better than simply just okay - maybe even great. There's definitely some potential there.
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